Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Been crazy tending after them

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally see Mummy update!!

He is now studying at K1, coming October he will be 5 years old.
HE likes Maths & English, but dislike Chinese. Hopefully he will like chinese soon!!
He eats quite well 19kg now. He can eat about the same amount of rice as me. Nobody believe he can that much.

He is 3yr now, but he didn't go to schoolyet cos PCF 277 didn't open class for pre-nursery. No choice he can only go to school next year. A typical playful boy, likes YELLOW. He only plays his yellow lego & car . He play with iphone coloring everything is YELLLOWwwww!!! One thing very funny he likes Barney... Hee Hee
He don't really like to eat homecooked meals, but he don't really have any choices cos we take our meal at home. if we bring him for dinner occasion, he can sit at the table EAT &&& EAT. He is 13kg now.

She is 2 yr now. Looks just like her Daddy, especially her eyes. She is an agressive girl for an example must take 2 sweet, toys got to take 2 toys too.. She behave like a boy likes to play Chugginton,cars with her brother. She likes soft toy Cat, iphone like to play talking tom. She even know which apps is the lastest version. See how clever is she!!! She can answer 我要!我不要! She is 12kg now.

Whenever i drive them out, i can't tolerate them!! Cos they are too noisy, talking all the way!! I just Love Them, they are my precious....

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Haydern is studying at Pcf Nursery. Surprised he didn't cry on his 1st day of school. Sometimes he being so playful that i can't tolerate him at all.

Herman can speak quite a lot. Both the elder is so naughty. He is a fussy boy. Will tend to beat his brother when Haydern dun give him.

Helene now is 8 mth old, think her teeth popping out soon. She now can cruise around in her cot or playpen. Tend to hold things to pull herself up. Even want to let go her hands.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another 9 weeks a new member is coming to our family!!

Mummy is pregnant and she is 31 week. Finally is Baby Girl. Baby's weigh is 1.5kg. Her position is cephalic.

She engage a postnatal massager and her name is Zu for 7 days @ $280. Each massage takes 45 min. She try her prenatal massage then confirm using her. She really enjoy the massage as the strength she use just nice. She introduce by Aunty Faylyn.

About Herman

He is 12 month old now. He started walking when he is 11 month old. He can walk very steady now. He throw trantum now just can't stand him. He can mumble a lot of words. Love watchingadvertisment on television. Love to imitate his brother action.

About Haydern

After 3 month of school he finally stop his crying liao... Enjoy going to school, but sometimes make a fuss when Aunty Ray open the door. He will always wait till the last one to go in. When the class is over, u ask him, " is schooling nice?" He will answer u,"Aunty MMMM." He mean Aunty very fierce. Just can't stand him.

His behaviour sometimes very obedient, but sometimes is uncontrollable. His behaviour for his brother birthday at Chalet is very good. Dunno is it too many people. He just stood at the doorway, wouldn't step out.

He is 30 month old now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

About Herman

He is 9mth old now. Very active and holdings things to stand up moving around. He got 2 teeth now. Very 霸道, if things he has it in his hands and u snatch frm him. He will make noise. Will disturb his kor kor when he play with the toys.

He can speak ba ba, ma ma, mum mum, bye bye. He can wave bye bye.